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 Jungle Entertainment is among an elite group of professionals

We are mong a very short list of Karaoke KJ's previously certified by Chartbuster Karaoke in Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. Sound Choice certification is forthcoming.


While we do have 1 set (not a "complete" set of "every" single song) of Sound Choice karaoke CDG's, we are currently cross-referencing their entire database to finish obtaining 4 complete sets ("every" song) of the music we don't already have of theirs by other manufacturers (with the exception of a handful where they did a better job or where another manufacturer didn't produce it). We've unsuccessfully made several attempts to purchase large amounts of music from them, but they've never been interested in our business so we are only purchasing some of their music. Their music will, however, be available in limited quantities at most gigs (we only have 1 set, so it will only be available at 1 venue) where we can utilize our CDG player. The rest of our media is digital and we have four licensed copies of every song.

Our songbooks will be posted soon!
, come to our show to check out our Specialty/Theme songbooks being printed as I type!
•Duets   •International(currently, mostly Spanish)About Karaoke Tracks 
•Top Party Hits   •Upbeat Party Hits   •Holiday/Seasonal   •Religious/Spiritual  
*These include a Duets Section

Unlike a regular song we listen to (just an audio file like an mp3 or wav), a karaoke track/song consists of two parts. The audio and the video. The songs you see/hear at karaoke are not the original songs done by the original artist with their vocals removed and lyrics added. They are re-creations done by various karaoke companies (Chartbuster, Pop Hits Monthly, Sweet Georgia Brown, etc.). Each of these companies does their best to "re-create" the song the best way they feel it should be done, but other times they release a song re-creation of a version (maybe accidentally re-created the "Live" version instead of the "Radio Version" of the song you may not be familiar with, using a house band and various in-house musicians. Just like with any band or group of musicians, some perform "Oldies" better than others, while the next company re-creates "Pop" songs better than others. Sound Choice, for example,  consistently re-created Alternative/Punk/Rock better (and more) than any other company. Chartbuster has been favored by most customers for country music (with Sound Choice in 2nd place). After recording, someone re-types the lyrics and adds them onto the track. They aren't always correct! There are many karaoke tracks that were created incorrectly because the tech went online, found some lyrics that had been posted incorrectly, and then used them incorrectly. So if you're wanting to take the karaoke seriously it's always advisable to not just pick out your song, but to check out the different versions to see which one you like the best! The mistakes referenced above hardly ever happen anymore. But for those that did, we've identified many of them and have done our best to replace them with better versions...or make notations of them.

Your Personal Karaoke CD's
You MAY bring your own karaoke CD, but we can't always guarantee it will work with our system. We cannot make copies of your karaoke CD and keep it in our system due to copyright laws, but if the CD works you can keep bringing it. Or we can try to purchase your favorite songs.

We will do the best we possibly can within our capabilities to make you sound as good as we can possibly make you! You are strongly encouraged to inform us if you'd like changes/adjustments (i.e. adjusting echo/reverb, adjusting high/low, vocal/background music adjustments). And don't just make guesses if you don't know. Ask us! We'll explain what we can and learn your best settings with you. We will always help you select the best song version and get your adjustments made (and we'll keep a record for you of your songs and settings if you'd like).

If We Don't Have Your Song, We'll Try To Get It! 
If there is a song you'd like to sing that's not in the book, please ask! We get new songs often, but don't print new books often. And if we don't have it, we'll try and get it! There are several companies we buy karaoke tracks from including . We will work with you to get you the song you want. Keep in mind that every song you've heard on the radio, was not necessarily re-created as a karaoke track! In the past, MANY songs you heard on the radio were made into karaoke tracks. Nowadays, only songs that reach the top of the charts (or if there's some special reason), actually get made into karaoke tracks. We'll give you a slip to fill out to request songs we don't have. Please use the slip! The slips get added to our spreadsheet. We reguarly sit down and go through the list of new requests to get those songs. We've got a process that works very well for getting your new song requests, but it works best when you give us a slip. It's difficult to keep track of song requests sent to our various KJ's via text, MySpace (yes, we still get some), Facebook or in passing. The slips go into a spreadsheet and help us follow through to get every single request we can.

What If You're A Bad Singer?
We enjoy ALL karaoke performers, regardless of ability/talent. We are at the karaoke venue for YOU to have fun. You are welcome at our karaoke even if you howl so badly the windows break. We'll just tape up the remaining windows before your next song! For those who BOO or are rude to those who have waited his/her turn, regardless of how good/bad you feel they are, we will not allow you to participate in our karaoke and the venue may ask you to leave. We only claim that Karaoke is FUN (not that it's good) so that's what we're gonna have!

Songs containing profanity are permitted, however, customers are reminded to keep their audience in mind. Songs containing or promoting lewd and/or obscene behavior and/or promoting violence, are not permitted. And "F" bomb here or there is fine, especially later in the night when dining customers (especially with kids) are gone. But not a song promoting violence or too graphic. That's our general policy which can change depending on circumstances. However, the venue paying us has FINAL say as they are more in tune with their clientele and local customs, customers and laws. We have done our best to mark/identify all songs that may be objectionable or explicit, but we couldn't possibly listen to every word of our 20,000+ something may slip by us.

Our Music Collection For Sale?

We are currently fully licensed to run five shows per night. In our possession we have four complete original sets of our entire music library. Our fifth set is a smaller library for events that don't require the extensive database.

Every time we purchase new music (most is sent automatically each month), we purchase four copies of each CDG, digital multimedia or individual file. Our current primary recurring suppliers are Pop Hits Monthly and Digitrax and we are currently negotiating with two other major manufacturers. We previously purchased regularly from Chartbuster. Receipts are maintained for all music purchases.

We are considering selling 1 or 2 complete sets of our entire database which will include the metadata and in-depth songbooks. Please contact us if interested. The cost will be close to what you'd pay if building your karaoke library from scratch. The advantage is that you'd skip all of the searching, skip the data entry and you'd legally have our entire database along with the physical CDG's.
About The Songs In Our Collection
We have around 23,000 different & distinct songs. Many karaoke companies, whether they have illegal karaoke music or not, have 3-8 copies/versions of many of their songs. Some will claim they have 50,000+ songs, but with 3-8 copies of each song, they really only have 15,000 or so different songs. And our database is comprehensive like NO OTHER. The metadata in our collection allows us to sort/search by year, key, genre, language, duet and more. And w
e're making good progress at attempting to make sure our collection has every single song ever reproduced as a karaoke track!